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PRODUCT CATEGORY: Recovery SERIES: Core GLUTAMINE SUMMARY: MusclePharm glutamine is a unique blend of three types of glutamine: L-glutamine, glutamine peptides, and alanyl L-glutamine.  These help you rehydrate, rebuild and recover faster and more efficiently from even the toughest of workouts. GLUTAMINE BENEFITS: Improved recovery Aids in muscle growth Minimizes muscle breakdown Rapidly digested and […]


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Protein, Pre workout, Post workout SERIES: Hybrid MUSCLEGEL SUMMARY: MuscleGel is specifically designed to supply 22 grams of the highest quality protein available in a convenient, incredible-tasting, rapidly absorbing format using ProFusion gel solution. Use MuscleGel in place of any protein food choice in your healthy nutritional program. MUSCLEGEL BENEFITS: 22 grams of […]


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Post Workout, Recovery SERIES: Hybrid RE-CON SUMMARY: Re-Con is a high-performance, post workout recovery formula. Re-Con was designed to maximize the most important phase of the athlete’s training program – the post-workout phase.  Re-Con’s advanced 7-stage recovery and muscle building system makes it the most comprehensive recovery formulation available on the market. RE-CON’S […]


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Weight loss SERIES: Hybrid SHRED MATRIX SUMMARY: Shred matrix is MusclePharm’s powerful weight loss system.  Shred matrix utilizes a comprehensive, multi-system approach to fat loss that promotes fat to be burned as fuel. SHRED MATRIX BENEFITS: 8 stage weight loss blend Clean energy Helps provide support against sugar cravings No Jitters Support overall […]


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Recovery SERIES: Core Z-CORE PM SUMMARY: While you’re sleeping, MusclePharm Z-Core PM works hard to help you get the deep, healing sleep that nourishes your body after a hard workout. Along with more effective sleep patterns, enjoy a wide array of benefits that includes increased testosterone levels and more complete muscle growth and […]


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Vitamin BALANCE SUMMARY: Nourish, enrich, renew! In order to maintain your pace, you need to keep your body, bones, muscles and skin supplied with the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. FitMiss balance is loaded with vegetable and fruit derivatives plus antioxidants. FitMiss Balance has everything a girl needs to keep her body […]


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Weight loss BURN SUMMARY: To burn the fat and lose weight, you have to curb cravings and increase energy levels. With FitMiss Burn and its revolutionary 6-stage approach, you can kick-start your metabolism while saying “NO” to pesky cravings, seeing visible changes in less than 2 weeks. BURN BENEFITS: Women’s specific 6 stage […]


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Weight loss, detoxifier CLEANSE SUMMARY: FitMiss Cleanse is a daily full body cleansing optimizer.  Fast and powerful, yet gentle, it focuses on the colon, liver, kidneys, stomach, blood, urinary tract, lungs and skin. Ease bloating, fight parasites and bacteria CLEANSE BENEFITS: Women’s specific quick cleanse and daily detox system Promotes daily regularity Reduces […]


PRODUCT CATEGORY: Protein, Pre Workout, Post Workout DELIGHT SUMMARY: A nutrition shake for women that satisfies hunger while providing real results. FitMiss delight brings a full day’s essential nutrients with quality calories and delivers optimal levels of protein, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals. DELIGHT BENEFITS: High protein and low calorie Use as a meal or […]