Wes Kephart (pictured below with Dr. Anthony Almada from Vitargo Global Sciences) won the male 2015 International Society of Sports Nutrition National Conference Abstract Award sponsored by Vitargo which pays him $1,000 to help support his PhD stipend and ongoing research. The project, from Dr. Mike Roberts’s Molecular and Applied Sciences Laboratory at Auburn University, was sponsored by MusclePharm and was titled ‘Ten weeks of branched chain amino acid (BCAA) supplementation improves select performance and immunological variables in trained cyclists.’  Kephart, colleagues from Auburn, and Dr. Jordan Moon (MusclePharm) determined that 10 weeks of chronic BCAA supplementation in well-trained cyclists enhanced cycling peak power variables and positively enhanced select immune markers.  This is one of the first studies determining the effects of BCAA supplementation in endurance athletes and will be the first of several projects of its kind at Auburn University’s Molecular and Applied Sciences Laboratory.  Results from this study are soon to be published in the scientific journal Amino Acids which is one of the top sports nutrition journals in the field today.

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MUSCLEPHARM LAUNCHES SCIENCE AND RESEARCH-DRIVEN WEBSITE FOR CONSUMERS the official website of the MusclePharm Sports Science Institute;
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Denver, CO – MusclePharm Corporation announced the launch of the new science-driven website,, granting unprecedented transparency behind the performance lifestyle company and reinforcing its dedication to the advancement of sports science and nutrition. The website is the newest innovation by MusclePharm to advance its commitment to transparency and providing its consumers with the best information available. With this official website of the MusclePharm Sports Science Institute (MPSSI), consumers will have access to cutting-edge research and information about MusclePharm products as well as general practices in the sports science field.

“MusclePharm is committed to not only offering the best supplements on the market, but also to raising industry safety standards through rigorous testing and research, and this website is a testament to that commitment,” said Brad Pyatt, CEO and Founder of MusclePharm. “We have spent several years developing MPSSI and now the website provides unprecedented access to consumers on our process.  We take pride in our industry-leading research practices and procedures that set us apart from other lifestyle and supplement companies, and we want to make sure consumers have quick and easy access to all of that cutting-edge information.” features a wealth of information on wide-ranging topics within the sports science and nutrition fields as well as information about the Institute, its elite science team, and the comprehensive six-stage testing process that ensures MusclePharm products are the most effective and clinically-proven sports nutrition products for elite and amateur athletes on the market. Consumers can also find information about product quality, including INFORMED-CHOICE certifications and third party verification Protein Quality reports; insight on the company’s comprehensive testing and quality assurance practices; and blog posts and advice from the science team.

“MusclePharm is a leading sports supplement brand with a commitment to science that is the envy of the industry,” said Jose Antonio PhD, CEO of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. “As a sponsor of several research grants, MusclePharm has made it possible for young investigators to study the efficacy of MusclePharm’s finished products. This is something I wish all brands in the sports nutrition category would embrace.”

Understanding the importance of investing in research and development and quality control, MusclePharm is the only sports nutrition company with the medical capacity and technological resources to non-invasively evaluate an athlete’s overall physical performance and monitor every element of the athlete’s training. Utilizing these results allows the in-house science team to fine-tune supplements and custom tailor the athlete’s performance regimen, which empowers individuals to maximize their health, fitness, performance, and quality of life through use of MusclePharm products.

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