MusclePharm Corporation (OTCQB: MSLP), a scientifically driven, performance-lifestyle sports nutrition company, today announced that Nutrition Journal, an international publication, published the results of a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study, which demonstrated that MusclePharm’s recovery and hydration supplement Amino1 enhanced rehydration more effectively than water and Gatorade.

In this study, recreationally active men and women were dehydrated, and then given three separate rehydration beverages with equal volumes of Amino1, Gatorade or flavored water. The study showed that Amino1 rehydrated individuals significantly faster and more efficiently than Gatorade or water. After consuming Amino1, the test subjects returned to their normal hydration levels in four hours.

“The study showed that consuming both the amino acids and the electrolytes which are in the Amino1 product enhanced rehydration compared to water or Gatorade. The latter primarily containing sugars and electrolytes,” MusclePharm Research Director Dr. Jordan Moon said. “As anticipated, water, Gatorade and Amino1 all rehydrated the subjects. However, Amino1 allowed the subjects to rehydrate faster and more efficiently. In the near future, more clinical data will be available that will show the recovery benefits athletes receive when taking Amino1.”

The results of this study suggest that taking Amino1 can enhance and facilitate normal rehydration, allowing athletes to recover faster, and also help to maintain normal hydration levels during training or competition. Independent of the re-hydration results, the amino acids in Amino1 have been shown to help muscles recover from exercise, as well as prevent muscle breakdown during exercise, making Amino1 an ideal product for athletes to drink before, during, or after their workouts.

The paper, “An amino acid-electrolyte beverage may increase cellular rehydration relative to carbohydrate-electrolyte and flavored water beverages,” is available online at

“Our team of doctors and researchers continue to set the bar for the sports world and performance-based nutritional products,” said Brad Pyatt, Chairman and CEO of MusclePharm. “We believe Amino1 is the next evolution in sports drinks and offers athletes the most complete hydration and recovery beverage on the market. We continue our mission of empowering athletes and fueling sports worldwide. We plan to launch our ready-to-drink version of Amino1 in early 2015, which will provide our athletes and consumers more convenience.”


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