Those of us in the athletic community are always looking for that one supplement that will really set us apart from our competition. However, the muscle, strength, and metabolism increases promised from many of these supplements is often unverified by scientific trials or even personal accounts. But still the claims are on the label “increase anabolism by 500%!” “get shredded abs in 3 weeks!” and so on, lead us to believe we need these supplements to gain an advantage, but these claims are on all the labels! So which supplements are actually effective?

We have our two undisputed champions, protein and creatine, which should be the first supplements for most, if not all, athletic goals. Not so fast… Did you know many protein powders on the market don’t technically contain the amount of whole protein listed on the label? What about creatine ethyl ester or other forms of creatine – are they better than creatine monohydrate? For those who damn creatine because the numbers on the scale go up, do you actually gain fat? One of our goals as nutritional scientists is to dispel the myths associated with supplements and provide the knowledge needed so that all athletes can make informed choices.

Over the next few weeks, the MusclePharm Sports Science Institute will be discussing many of the most popular supplements and ingredients to reveal what works and what doesn’t as well as answering questions like in what situations does this supplement work? When should I take this supplement? How does this supplement work?


Jordan Joy is currently a Research Coordinator at the MusclePharm Sports Science Institute. He is a CISSN certified sports nutritionist and CSCS certified strength coach. He has his MS in Applied Nutrition with Northeastern University.